Movies Roundup: Comedy and Courage


Over the time, when I have the chance, I will be posting my own reviews of the movies I have watched within a week and pretend you are interested. WARNING: SPOILERS!

Yo, remember that time I reviewed disturbing and disgusting movies? Well, we are finally off that revolting stuff. To be honest, I’m more of a comedy-drama type of guy. Horror and gory movies do not do it for me too, and it just annoys me infinitely when the producers decide to shock moviegoers solely with loud distracting sounds like a high-pitched scream or an orchestral DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!. Seriously? Can’t you do better? A real shocker of a scene perhaps?

I’ve watched 3 movies this week and found out coincidentally that these movies have some quirky and admirable common grounds. First, these are relatively new, feel-good comedy pictures, the type that I appreciate when things are chill and I do not want to put as much pressure in my brain, a.k.a when I do not want to think.


Second, in retrospect I realized these aren’t just “comedies”, these also flaunt the themes of bravery, self-confidence, self-reliance, gearing up towards change and finally doing it, all of which should be lauded. Here are some of the movies that entertained me this week:

(By the way, today I will start using my own standards meter and movie assessment rating. I call this the Garbageness Rating™, which literally means “how garbage a film is in all factors; plot, characters, cinematography, editing, etc.”. I don’t know why I quoted that. This is an example of a Garbageness Rating™ of 3 out 5:)


Alright here we go:

1. How to Be Single (2016)


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What: A romantic comedy film starring Fifty Shades of Grey‘s lead submissive, Dakota Johnson, Pitch Perfect‘s “Fat Amy”, the hilarious Rebel Wilson, breakdown queen Leslie Mann (seriously she always has these roles), Community star Alison Brie and Comedy Central co-creator Anders Holm. And they are obviously….you guessed it right. Single! This takes place at the clichéd skyscraper-clad New York City.

To quickly sum it all up, Alice (Johnson) has this dumb eureka moment where she just wants to be single, leaving boyfriend Josh for the city life as a paralegal. She meets her co-worker, party-goer and obnoxious Robin (Wilson), who parties hard and loves every second of her single life. Alice’s sister (Mann) on the other hand, struggles in a dilemma between lacking a relationship and wanting a baby. Tom (Holm), a restaurant owner who’s expertly single, meets romantic and relationship statistics-fixated Lucy (Brie).

Funniest Scene: Having Rebel Wilson around, there are several scenes in the movie where it does shine comically. Add up Leslie Mann and Alison Brie, things can go pretty crazy. One really funny scene is at the sauna where Alice lies slightly above Robin and Robin says of her bush, “Seriously, it’s like Gandalf is staring right at me. No penis shall pass!

My Take: The movie is chill and funny. The light approach to the hardships of being single is somewhat relaxing. It is a bit too long for me, and eventually some of the humor do not work anymore.

What Speaks Courage: How To Be Single is a film about self-reliance. Sure, being single has its perks, but it is a process, and this is what the movie presents to its spectators. The movie is not a self-help ‘surviving the single life’ guide that you could use as an alternative to your Single Life for Dummies books, it is fixated on the struggles of having no romantic companion, meeting new people and getting to know them. The movie’s narrative is that, maybe being single isn’t that bad at all. After all, the only person we have at the end of the day is ourselves. Stay strong, unloved creature!


3.5 out of 5 garbage. Although, I tweeted this:

(IMDb, RottenTomatoes)

 2. Dirty Grandpa (2016)


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What: A comedy film about an uptight corporate attorney, Jason (Zac Efron) who meets his former Lieutenant-Colonel grandfather, Dick (Robert De Niro) again (after so many years) during his grandmother’s funeral. Dick requests Jason to drive him to Florida only to discover that his grandpa is a frisky, flirtatious, dirty ol’ man.

The team-up is unusual, more so the characters. We have this too strict and formal yuppie who is too obsessed with his job and with the preparations for his upcoming wedding while he reluctantly interacts with his playful and childish grandfather, a complete opposite. The Yin Yang type of an uncanny grandfather-grandson relationship is what the movie sells to its audience, and with that people are sold.

Funniest Scene: De Niro slapping his possibly prosthetic penis on to Efron’s face. Gross and hilarious. Now we know why De Niro was named Richard in the movie.

My Take: I’m sure the plot is something we’ve all seen before. Here’s this stickler rich dude who meets this YOLO grandpa who tries his best to change him back to what he used to be (in the movie, a photographer) and stop him from marrying the wrong girl. At the end, the rich dude realizes that life’s too short and photography is his passion. Yep, this is not new. The film has some hilarious scenes but when they are not funny, it just doesn’t feel right.

What Speaks Courage: The transformation of Efron’s character from a stern yuppie to a fun, loving grandson causes Jason’s persona to slightly derail from its usual tendencies. This admirable change (c/o Dick) is what leads Jason to finally go back to the old Jason that he used to be, leaving behind all the things he has been working hard for to follow his passion and what his heart desires.


4.5 out of 5 garbage.Unless seeing Zac Efron wearing only a bee stuffed toy is completely satisfying to you, I recommend not watching it.

(IMDb, RottenTomatoes)

3. Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015)


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What: A romantic comedy-drama about a 60-something woman named Doris (played by Oscar-awardee Sally Field) who has a crush on her younger co-worker, John (New Girl‘s Max Greenfield), and gets motivated to pursue her romantic interest in him.

Funniest Scene: Sally Field is an amazing actress and it cannot be denied that she puts so much color in the character she plays. The premise itself is already arguably a silly predicament, so funny scenes are aplenty. One really funny scene takes place in one of Doris’ fantasies. I tried typing it but it couldn’t sound as funny as how I remember it. Just check the movie out.

My Take: This is a pretty decent and touching movie. Before watching, I have read the synopsis and thought this is a movie about a MILF. NO. Doris is most definitely not a MILF, or a cougar, or a puma. The film provides Doris with a heartbreaking backstory that makes the audience understand her better and recognize why she is reluctant to believe that it is too late for everything. Doris starts out as a cute, vibrant and lovable character who, halfway into the movie, evolves and develops into an even more mature and deep character. Surely, many people (older ones, mostly) will relate to Doris. There are scenes with Field and Greenfield that you think you will find cringe-worthy (because of the age gap) but it all sums up as a collaborative effort to build a story that is all-in-all raw and moving.

What Speaks Courage: Doris has been out of the dating game for too long until her mother passes away. This time, she gets to live more freely. What’s courageous about Doris is her unwavering desire and perseverance to get the guy, even up to the point that she inflicts misdoings on other people. But Doris learns, and she wakes up in a reality that all’s long overdue. At this point, Doris bravely chooses to accept and face what she’s been denying all along and decides to let go of the things (lots of things) that do not matter anymore.


0.5 out of 5 garbage. Watch it. It’s beautiful.

(IMDb, RottenTomatoes)


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Movies Roundup: Disturbing and Gross


Over the time, when I have the chance, I will be posting my own reviews of the movies I have watched within a week and pretend you are interested.

Some movies that I will be reviewing here are ages old, some are recent, and some came out a few years ago, but movies are movies and they last a long time, especially with μTorrent being available—if you know what I mean.

I’ve watched 3 films this week (because of the three-day vacation—Teachers’ Retreat. Thanks, AdNU!), all of them controversial. Two of them were suggested by Smoke Street buddy Harold, and the other one intrigued me after my Philosophy instructor, Mr. Loquias, related the movie in our class discussion.

1. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

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movie poster from Wikipedia

What: This Italian-French art film is very controversial, gross and naked! Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini filled the film with overwhelming nudity, torture and feces.

This has been listed by many critics as one of the most horrifying and controversial films that has ever come to life.

From the title itself, you could guess how much anal sex has been incorporated in the film, so good luck.

Most Disturbing Scene: SPOILERS! One really disturbing scene here, aside from all the sex and nudity, is when they ate shit. Hyuck!

I Guess: I don’t actually get it. I guess it has a deeper meaning. The movie is about fascist leaders and prostitutes who steal several young boys and girls from their unknowing families and are then tortured through sexual and physical harassment (most of them killed). This film is probably a metaphor for the unbearable and repulsive way of ruling of the fascists and how they just literally fuck everyone up..and make them eat shit…and have anal sex with them…or something.

My Take: The film is bombarded with disturbing and gross scenes that it makes you forget (or gets itself lost in) the plot. The organization of the plot is somehow a blur to me (maybe because I’m stupid?) and nothing makes sense having all the nudity and shit (literal shit). It is confusing, revolting and somehow fulfilling if you dared to finish the whole thing.

The director was allegedly homosexual, so I guess that explains all the anal sex?

Well, it’s an art film, and we ain’t supposed to get it!

(IMDb, RottenTomatoes)

2. A Serbian Film (2010)


movie poster from Wikipedia

What: This obviously Serbian film is a story of a once reputed (because he has a huge, omni-hard dick) porn actor Miloš, who is given an opportunity by a passionate filmmaker, Vukmir, to do art film (aka porn, btw). He discovers that the art film is going to be harder than he thought (pun intended).

Most Disturbing Scene: SPOILERS! I am only half-disturbed by these scenes, unlike most people who couldn’t sleep the first time they saw it (Harold), and that is weird. The grossest scene was when Miloš was drugged and began fucking his own son (like 10 years old, I guess he was drugged too) in the ass! He was bleeding.

I Guess: As explained by director and writer Spasojević and Radivojević, the film is a parody of Serbian cinema—which they dubbed as boring. I guess it isn’t now!

My Take: The film is very comparable to Memento—the lead actor’s confusion to whatever has happened to him and the coming back of the memories from the clues around him makes the plot a little checkered.

I expected a lot of disturbing scenes, but found only a few and some are badly executed (like the newborn scene) which ruin the desired effect. Although a little daring, we always see these movies end up with psychotic twists which are rather cliché. The good thing about this film is the use of symbols to make the next events familiar (like the grey car that picks up Miloš) and the wicked camera angles and direction.

(IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes)

3. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)


movie poster from Wikipedia

What: A German thriller about a man with a great olfactory sense and how he wants to preserve smell—of women.

From the title itself, the dude becomes a psychotic murderer just because he wants to create the best perfume in the world.

Most Disturbing Scenes: These scenes did not disturb me, but most people have been. The scenes of killing the women for their scent are very unusual and crazy. And that orgy halfway through the end…what the fuck?

My Take: I like the cinematography, its narration style and the visuals. It is a fantasy-period film, which helped in making the costumes and places visually stunning and attractive, in a dark way. The lead actor Ben Whishaw was a little disappointing and lacked a few in his supposedly creepy kooky behavior that instead turned into a boring, sad, protagonist. But the others like Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman (aka Professor Snape) helped give glory into the film. The story has potential, except that the film has fell short in its storytelling and in the sense of the plot. Mostly likeable film for psycho-thriller film lovers, but not overall impressive.

(IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes)

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