Gainza Photowalk


These are photos taken during our Fundamentals of Photography class, AY 2015-2016, 1st Semester, the time all of us thought having a DSLR camera automatically made us “artistic” or “photographers”.

I used to think I was going to be a great photographer. I used to think I had a vision, an eye for photographic art. Not really. The thing is, most shots have to be taken in public, and since I am not a people fan, I get so anxious being in the middle of a crowd while taking a good shot. The people around are probably judging my incapability as a try-hard photographer or somebody is plotting to steal the camera that at that time I did not own. Sad.

These were some of the best shots I took with friends at what we formally called a “photowalk”. This was in Gainza, Camarines Sur, the turf of our beloved, tiny, curly, low-resolution-eyed, astigmatismed, hopeless romantic friend, Van Jose Martinez (shoutout! Twitter here. Facebook here. His Twitter account might change anytime soon bc it’s noob AF). It took a little under or over an hour to get there through a jeepney. Ugh.

The place was quiet, bare and very countryside. Fresh air and dung air clouded the atmosphere; great nature spots and a bonded community welcomed us. There was a river where youngsters dove in courageously. We crossed a hanging bridge where people walked through carrying sacks of rice, some even on motorcycles driving pass through. Overlooking the bridge was a horizon foregrounded by the two sides of grass and land meeting in the middle accompanied by the burning orange sunset. There was even like a fiesta where people were participating happily in a “sabong” or cockfight. Ultimately we were sent out of the party because it was illegal and we weren’t allowed to take pictures.

The photowalk involved actual, literal, rheumatism-provoking walking. We probably walked 20 kilometers going back and forth places.

Our initial discussions on basic photography were about leading lines, balance and the rule of thirds. Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken during the walk. Really, these aren’t that impressive but I just felt like I needed to share:

I need to mention—later that day, after eager and continuous egging on, we had convinced our straightedge, Barbie-haired buddy Jay Ian Guy (shoutout! Facebook here. Twitter here.) to treat us some Shakey’s pizza. ‘Twas a good day. I will post the pic once i find it.

UPDATE: Found it! Here ya go:


via @ManuChubibo‘s Twitter. (L-R) Jay Guy, Pau Quizana, Me, Van Martinez, Emman Salvadora

Have a nice day, Human Who Couldn’t Care Less!