Who is this?


Yo. I’m Patrick Gutierrez. I live in Naga City and have lived there all my life. I used to have kinky hair but it’s slowly transforming into a semi-flexible, (hopefully) fixable, and kinda soft locks. I have a disappointing snub nose, its upper side stretching from one side under my left eye bag to the other. I have narrow lips that resemble a chicken’s anus. My eyes are terribly uncoordinated. I have strabismus—if you do not know what that is or have not seen me perform it, Google it. Due to this condition, it is necessary for me to be always beside an aide—an eye calibrator—to manage my wandering right eye; I look dumb and slow because of this. I can easily grow a mustache, but I don’t want to look like my father, so I shave whenever possible.


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